Saturday, September 10, 2011

Review: Hai Au Vietnamese Restaurant, Canley Vale

There are very few places when the dishes you order all turn out to be so fantastically good, but this place is one of those few gems. Normally you have one or two standouts and one that kinda fall short and disappoints, but not at Hai Au - all the dishes have got to be the best of its kind that I've ever tasted. Highly highly rate this place and recommend everyone to go; as long if you don't mind smelling like charcoal by end of the night.

Open Char coal grill - and open as in the whole restaurant was smoked.

One of the most delicious beef salads I've ever had

Charcoal chicken with an amazing sweet chilli dip

Claypot caramelised fish

Scampi in "special sauce"..

Hmm.. what is this mystery sauce?.....

  the special sauce turned out to be crab eggs. Yum! 

David and Kay dig into the special sauce

Totally demolished all the dishes

Missing from this photoset are the following photos which somehow got lost when I transferred them from the phone to my computer.. :(
- the biggest and meatiest mound of soft shell crab I have ever seen
- avocado shake
-soursop shake
- durian shake

... and lastly, we had to take a photo of the name of this restaurant.. "TK something BBQ restaurant". We were trying to figure out how the name must have come about... here's my version of it..

Sign writer: So what is your restaurant called?
Vietnamese Restaurant owner: Ummm... it's TK sumting BBQ restaurant
Sign writer: Are you sure you want that?
Literally writes "TK something"... bwahahhaha

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  1. My mum makes the best caramelised fish! Btw, love the new look of your blog, I too vote it the best!!

  2. Hey Tani! Really? I've only just now come across caramelised fish and its sooo good! I may have to ask you to sneak me a piece when you're back so we can all have a taste hahaha.. Can't wait to see you back here, but enjoy the rest of your adventure.